Title or something

I’m not one to speak of myself.

Not in the presence of others, more,

I actually enjoy my lonesome,

despite what society tells me.

My mind is a canvas, wanting more

the world is my paint, and I use it all

but I don’t share most of my work

I need but my own satisfaction.

When given the chance to take a stage

I close up, becoming someone else

limiting what I do to keep people happy

and hoping my love isn’t wasted

I can count my friends on a single hand

and in a weird way I’m ok with that

the people who understand who I am

those who I can let myself out to.

I’ve been thrown in the trash, forgotten, used,

and thrown around by those who I trust

I’ve felt love and romance, like in the moves,

but it’s not my thing, in a way.

I’m completely content here in my room

with nothing but a guitar and a goal in mind

occasionally coming outside to poke the world

to remind people that I exist beyond my hole

I’m completely content with being alone,

for lonlieness is something foreign to me

I can’t imaging ever needing attention

for 24 hours a day.

So I throw this bottle into an empty sea

for no one to see but myself and my future

simply due to a personal need

to say what I can’t, to an audience of one.

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